Achieving the Best Segmentation and Insight into Customers

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Every database out
there is missing pieces of information that, if available, could provide you
with better insight into your customers. There are data enrichment tools that can
add missing email, phone, and address information.  They can also append demographic and
geographic data, and detailed property information to your database.

Here are a few things you can do to achieve the best
segmentation and insight into your customers:

Know Your Customers
Preferred Method of Communication

Using a tool,  such as
Personator, gives you the missing information you need to reach customers and
prospects using the channel they desire for better response and ROI.… Read More

How to Personalize Marketing with Social Media

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Social media is a key when it comes to building customer
relationships, growing your customer base, increasing brand awareness, and lead
generation. Social media provides you with your individual contacts likes,
dislikes, affiliates, and more making your marketing agile. There are social
media tools, such as Melissa Data’s Social Media Service, that give you the
ability to easily enrich your customer contact data with social media intelligence.… Read More

Achieving a Single Customer View Through Data Quality

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Pretty much every CRM system is missing one or more pieces
of data for any given customer. Missing data equals knowledge you don’t have on
your consumer. Not only does this affect your customer service and marketing
efforts, but it also takes away from your business intelligence.

The thing is, most companies have the necessary data. It
just happens to be fragmented or scattered.… Read More

Case Study: AirNet

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For many years, AirNet depended on applications from
external vendors for data enhancement, hygiene, and matching. This proved to be
a challenge when implementing its smartCommunicator product–an award-winning
communication portal that allows individuals, businesses, and agencies to share
information from diverse sources using a single, unified media platform. It is
a portal designed to effectively deliver messages to the company’s targeted
audience.… Read More

A 4-Step Checklist to Clean Up Your Data

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Did you know that according to a USPS 2014 report, almost 40
million people change their address each year? Or, that DM News reported that
undeliverable-as-addressed mail costs direct mailers over $6 billion per year?
What about that poor data quality is the main reason for 40 percent of all
failed business initiatives, according to a Gartner, Inc. Study?

These challenges no longer have to be obstacles for you and
your company.… Read More