Ask First, Fix Later

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By Elliot King

Like the Boston Red Sox breaking their fans’ hearts, almost inevitably (stress on the almost) you will discover that some percentage of your data is wrong. The realization that you have data quality problems may come about for few reasons: 1) you’ve looked under the hood of your data systems by conducting a data assessment or 2) a data audit revealed that the data you have is not what you think you have.
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Context is Key to Measuring Data Quality

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By Elliot King

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but that is not the case when it comes to data quality or, at least, it is not the whole story. Data quality can be measured along several different dimensions. But in the final analysis data quality depends on the context within which the data is used.

 Perhaps the most obvious criteria by which to measure data quality is
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Data Appending: Dive Deeper

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The need to append a prospect or customer data file with third-party data is a necessity for most intelligence-driven marketers. Missing data, stale or inactive files, data kept in silos within enterprises, inaccurate data entry- all of these “sins” can creep into the database and wear down the success of prospect and customer engagement initiatives. Depending on the application, such data mishaps can even undermine a brand.Read More