Deutsche Post Direkt Partners with Melissa Data

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Relationship Fuels Melissa Data’s International Growth; Adds Value for Direct Advertisers with Free Analysis of International Contact Data


Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF- February 6, 2014 – Melissa Data, a leading provider of contact data quality and integration solutions, today announced a partnership with Deutsche Post Direkt GmbH, subsidiary of Deutsche Post and veteran developer of address management solutions to optimize direct advertising.… Read More

Melissa Data Expands Global and Domestic Reach

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Melissa Data is growing, and fast! To better serve our customers worldwide, Melissa Data’s established new offices in Berlin, Germany, and Bangalore, India. The company also opened a new satellite office in Raleigh, N.C.

These new locations have been established and staffed to meet the needs of the domestic and international markets with the availability of Melissa Data’s Global Data Quality Suite – a new set of tools that delivers accurate and consistent address/phone verification and geocoding for countries all over the world.… Read More

How Good is Your Address Data? Are You Really Sure?

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What do you do when you’re faced with verifying and correcting international addresses? Melissa Data and Loqate tackle the issues that arise from different language and character sets, the over 130 address formats worldwide, and the many diverse sources of data. Find out how your customer retention, satisfaction and revenue can be impacted with better data quality; how global address verification and geocoding works; and much more!… Read More

Techniques for Address Standardization

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By David Loshin

In my recent set of posts, we looked at the value and importance of address standardization as an integral component of both transactional and analytical applications, especially when seeking levels of accuracy associated with the concept of location, which in some cases goes beyond the concept of “address.”

But knowing that with some degree of precision we can map locations to their nearest geocoded location, let’s think about aspects of a more general challenge: ensuring resolution of a provided descriptive address to an actual known address.… Read More

Melissa Data Unveils New Contact Verification Server at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco

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Melissa Data will showcase the Contact Verification Server at the Oracle OpenWorld show in San Francisco the week of Sept. 20. This appliance is built by Dell™ and incorporates six WebSmart components for contact data verification and enrichment, including address, phone, and email verification, name parsing, geocoding, and change-of-address processing.

The Contact Verification Server is ideal for companies that need to meet HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other privacy and compliance guidelines by enriching, scrubbing, and validating customer data completely in-house, safely and securely.Read More