Data Quality Problems are Predictable

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By Elliot King

The idea that poor data quality is costly and hurts performance is about as old as science itself. The seminal science writer Stephen Jay Gould wrote a whole book about how faulty data leads to faulty conclusions, often to the great detriment of society. And one of lasting aphorism in computing has been “garbage in, garbage out.”

Moreover, the problems and risks of poor data quality have been studied,
described and quantified for decades.… Read More

Why You Need a Data Audit

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Everybody makes mistakes and those mistakes have consequences. As enterprises rely more heavily on data to make decisions and drive processes, the quality of that data becomes more critical to the overall success of the organization.

In many cases, the impact of bad data is not too hard to identify–direct marketing campaigns with high numbers of email bounce-backs or undeliverable mail; marketing efforts with poor response rates because the offering has not been correctly tailored to address the “wants and needs” of the customers; prospects who turn away because their names are spelled wrong or other information is incorrect.… Read More

Maximize Value and Mitigate Risk

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By Elliot King

It seems like everybody knows, or should know, that data is a company’s most important asset. Data is the primary commodity employees, customers and suppliers generate and consume everyday–it is the corporate lifeblood. Data is the raw material that let’s organizations know if they are doing well or falling short. Data forms the basis of corporate decision-making.

But data also can represent the greatest risk companies face.… Read More