Real-Time Email Verification Use Cases

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Almost every adult has an email address. This makes it one of the most effective means of communication between companies and their customers. 50% of all media planners use email marketing. And, why not, email marketing is budget friendly and offers an impressive $36 ROI against every $1 spent.

There are many ways companies build an email database – surveys, free eBook downloads, tutorials, newsletters, contests and so on.… Read More

Drip Email Marketing – How to Get Started – With Examples to Inspire You

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Drip emails are an important part of every organization’s marketing strategy. They schedule interactions with customers to strengthen your relationship with them. A drip email campaign is basically a series of automated emails that can be personalized to the customer’s name and the action that triggers the email. Drip emails can be sent when customers sign up for an account, when a shopping cart is abandoned, after placing an order, etc.… Read More