How To Own Your Local Consumer Market With Saturation Mailings

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By Bob Martel, president, JMB Marketing Group
If you do business locally, or want to enter a new market area quickly, you don’t want to overlook the value of a saturation mailing within a radius of your business, or across a specific ZIP Code™. The USPS® is standing by, waiting to help you deliver a cost-effective message to your new prospects!
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Create Your Mailing List

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USPS® Website

An effective mailing list is more than names and addresses–it’s a record of each person’s buying behaviors. Your customer list can track how often they shop with you, what they typically buy, and how much they spend. Keeping track of your customers and their purchasing habits will help you to personalize offers and increase the likelihood of a sale and response. … Read More

7 Questions to Ask an E-Mail List Vendor

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Kendra Jaros, manager, newsletter publishing group
Renting third-party lists is one of the most common ways to acquire customers and/or build in-house email lists. Where do you begin? Doing your homework saves headaches later — headaches driven by poor results, spam complaints, wasted time and money, and bad public relations. 
There seem to be a limitless number of companies pitching email lists.
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7 Reasons to Leverage New Homeowner Mailing Lists

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By Mark Mauser, Articlesbase
New homeowners represent an enormous profit opportunity for local businesses. On average, about 41 million Americans move each year. Having just moved into a new neighborhood, these individuals and families have yet to find local businesses they will form lasting relationships with. New movers represent a hot opportunity for local businesses forward-thinking enough to extend to them special new-customer offers and discounts.
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How to Build Your Own Mailing List

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By Admin, Consumer Mailing Lists to Fit Any Budget 
Do you want to reach a lot of people? If the answer is yes, then you need to build your own mailing list.
A mailing list is also called a consumer list because the people you try to reach out to are, in fact, your customers.
Naturally, you must have a Web site, and so you are sure that the information they give you is kept private, you need to create a privacy policy.
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