3 Keys to Making Direct Mail a Success for You

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By Joe Vitale 
Hypnotic Marketing’s Joe Vitale gives his mesmerizing tips on how to make your direct mail a smashing success. What are his tricks of the trade?
So many of you seem willing to spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on a direct mail gamble, that I feel compelled to give everyone a brief lesson in what it takes for direct mail to work. 
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What’s Wrong with Direct Mail Today? Plenty!

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Mike Porter, President, Print/Mail Consultants
A lot of the direct marketing pieces that are generated today seem to be stuck in time. Even though sophisticated software, printing technology, and data is now more available than ever, many marketers continue to rely upon decades-old methods to crank out the mail. At the same time, communication experiences from web and mobile platforms have introduced customers to a new level of familiarity, relevance, and immediacy.
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Effective Communications in a Global Marketplace

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E-commerce has become a driving force behind making the
world a smaller place. It’s causing us to ask questions such as, “how do we
ensure delivery of packages worldwide?” and “can we achieve a globalized
address standard?” With 247 countries and territories in the world, only 117
have a postal code system. Plus, there are 175 different address formats. Then,
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Achieving High Results at Low Costs with Direct Mail

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With digital marketing on the rise, certain marketing
tactics, such as direct mail, have become overlooked. In a digital
world, social media, email, and the web have taken over as key strategies in
marketing plans. However, direct mail offers benefits that other marketing strategies
don’t. These include potential sales as well as new customers.
In fact, 65% of consumers made a purchase as a result of direct
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6 Steps to Take the Junk Out of Direct Mail

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Managing direct mail effectively creates efficiency in use
of resources while cutting down on costs. And as an integral part of the
marketing, there are several key components that can either make or break your
campaigns. Here are six steps that not only make good business sense but they
also have the potential to get your direct mail campaigns on the road to

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