The Pros and Cons of Self-Mailers

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By Alan Sharpe
Business-to-business direct mail marketers have learned through testing that a letter in an envelope usually generates more sales and pulls more inquiries than a self-mailer will. Usually. 
Self-mailers are still effective at selling products and services and generating leads, particularly in the following cases:
* seminar invitations
* event announcements
* trade show booth traffic generation
* software upgrade offers
* mailings to prospects who do not have a mailroom screen their mail (barbershops and factory foremen, for example)
* mailings where you want the prospect to pass along the mailing to colleagues
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Is Direct Mail the Best Marketing Medium?

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Is direct mail the most effective marketing channel ever? A group of chief marketing officers think so. Here’s more of what your fellow CMOs think of the industry.  
According to an article in DM News, a recent survey from direct marketing firm Targetbase noted that 23 percent of marketers feel that direct mail has the most effect of any marketing medium on their growth.
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