What is Date of Death Data & Why Is It Useful?

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Death-related data obtained from Social Security records, obituaries and other sources can be used for many purposes. When it comes to direct marketing, verifying death dates and removing deceased individuals from your mailing lists can benefit your business in several ways.… Read More

What is Data Profiling and Why Profile Your Data?

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Many times the presumptions regarding the data that we store and provide are not always precise. Despite taking all necessary precautions our systems are not always totally free of bugs. As a result, the quality of data provided gets compromised and this could lead to several negative outcomes.… Read More

Disparate, Dirty, Duplicated Data – Understanding the 3Ds of Bad Data

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Disparate, Dirty, Duplicated Data – Understanding the 3Ds of Bad Data

In 1999, NASA learned how expensive bad data can be the hard way when they lost the Mars Orbitor in space. Why did this happen – because the engineers made calculations based on the Imperial system of measurements while the NASA scientists used the Metric system.… Read More

Melissa ist Nischenanbieter im Gartner Magic Quadrant für Datenqualitätslösungen 2020

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Führendes Forschungs- und Beratungsunternehmen zeichnet Anbieter für ihre Visionen und Umsetzungsfähigkeit aus

Köln. Melissa, ein führender Anbieter globaler Datenqualitäts- und Adressmanagementlösungen, hat heute bekannt gegeben, dass Gartner das Unternehmen als Nischenanbieter im Magic Quadrant für Datenqualitätslösungen1 positioniert hat. Melissa ist einer von 16 Anbietern, die in dem Report bewertet wurden.… Read More