Filling the Data Quality Tool Box is Not Enough

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Too often, in my humble opinion, those of us in IT think in a problem/solution paradigm.  The line of reasoning goes something like this–our company has a business problem that can be fixed with some kind of software. 


Or the IT infrastructure itself is not performing at an acceptable level and needs to be repaired or enhanced via hardware, software or some combination of both.Read More

Melissa Data Promotes New Data Quality Challenge at Internet Retailer June 8-11

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Are you up to the challenge? Melissa Data is counting on it! We’re inviting companies to submit a sample of their contact database so we can analyze it to uncover data quality issues for free. The Data Quality Challenge costs nothing, and there are no commitments or strings attached at all.


Companies taking the Data Quality Challenge will receive a scorecard with the percentage of invalid, outdated, or redundant data lurking in their customer database.Read More