Who Should Lead Your Data Quality Initiatives

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By Elliot King

Data and data quality issues touch virtually every part of an organization. Poor data hurts organizational efficiency. It can have a measurable impact on the bottom line. And it can diminish employee morale when employees cannot access the information they need to succeed at their tasks, and the data they do retrieve turns out to be wrong.

So the easy answer to who should lead data quality initiatives is that the
CIO should be in charge.… Read More

Data Quality ROI

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By Elliot King

Developing metrics to determine the return on investment is both a boon and a bane for IT professionals. A credible return on investment projection is invaluable for guiding the deployment of technology resources. And an after-the-fact calculation of actual ROI is essential for continual improvement. Did you meet your project goals within budget, and

most of all, did you realize the benefits you anticipated?… Read More

Measuring Yourself

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By Elliot King

Sometimes you just know you’re doing things badly. You send out a direct mail piece and you get all sorts of bounce backs. And sometimes you know you’re doing something well. The next direct mail piece gets a really high rate of return.

But an ad hoc, event-by-event assessment of performance generally is not good enough. Organizations need to measure themselves over time to determine how close they are to achieving a specific goal.… Read More