Introducing Business Coder for United Kingdom

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Melissa is
happy to announce the release of our Business Coder service for UK, where you
can verify, validate, and append firmographics for businesses in the UK.
Originally servicing only the US, our webservice now expands to the UK as one of our more popular demands for business

Business Coder UK webservice can help provide address cleansing and
verification, along with business verification and appending of firmographic
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Data Quality Solutions to Tackle Student Retention

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 There are many forces that impact student retention at the university
level, from academics to financial aid, but one often overlooked aspect is data
quality and its impact on student engagement. While much of the application and
enrollment process has now been digitized, there is still a great deal of
physical communication with prospective students, current students, and alumni.

Maintain clear communication with better data cleansing and
enjoy the benefits of higher student retention and alumni tracking.  
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Check Out Our Interview on The Corporate Data Show!

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20% of Your Data Could Be Bad: Here’s How to Fix It w/ Bud Walker
When you think about how much bad data can really cost you, it’s important to make sure that your info is deliverable, callable, and emailable. If you’ve got a lot of data–and who doesn’t, these days?–it becomes vital to spend the resources to ensure that the data you’re using is accurate.
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Four Steps to Improve CRM Data Quality

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Every company knows that their CRM is one of their most
valuable assets. With information such as emails, addresses, phone numbers,
etc. on customers, how could it not be?

However, have you ever stopped to think about the accuracy
of your data? People move, get married, get divorced, or simply input
information incorrectly. According to an industry analyst at Gartner, 25% of
most company data is inaccurate.… Read More

The University of Washington Increases Revenue with the Help of Melissa Data

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Like all other colleges, the
University of Washington is keen on maintaining accurate records on students
and alumni. However, both students and alumni’s information is always changing
as they move, get married, relocate, change names, etc. The need for the
university to maintain accurate records rose as the need for fundraising
increased due to state aid decreasing. Not having accurate records would result
in waste in postage and production costs, undeliverable mail, and not to
mention the lost fundraising opportunity.
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