Managing Unique Customer Identities with Master Entity Indexes

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By David Loshin

In the past few entries in this series we have basically been looking at an approach to understanding customer behavior at particular contextual interactions that are informed by information pulled from customer profiles.

But if the focal point is the knowledge from the profile that influences behavior, you must be able to recognize the individual, rapidly access that individual’s profile, and then feed the data from the profile into the right analytical models that can help increase value.… Read More

Adding Context and Ordering to Data Quality Rules

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By David Loshin

One approach to resolving data cleansing rule conflicts is the introduction of contextual constraints for application of the rules. This could help in differentiating the application of rules, but could grow to be complex quickly.

I had noted that there is a second approach that could be used, which is
adjusting the rule set somewhat to ensure distinction of abbreviation and then
phasing the application of rules.

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