Is the Data Quality Glass Half Empty …or Full?

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Jim Harris, a well-known industry thought leader on all-things data quality, brought up a great point in his recent blog entry, “Why Isn’t Our Data Quality Worse?” His point – instead of asking ourselves, why isn’t our data quality better, we should also ponder, why isn’t our data quality worse?
It’s an interesting point and a different take on determining issues with your contact data.… Read More

Exclusive Offer for IRCE 2010 Attendees

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Have you taken the Data Quality Challenge yet? If not, you could be missing out on data quality issues that are affecting your bottom line.

Melissa Data is presenting an exclusive Data Quality Challenge special offer to IRCE 2010 attendees: Submit a sample file of your contact data for analysis by July 30th, 2010, and you’ll automatically be entered in a drawing to win an Apple iPod Touch 8G.Read More

How to Enrich Your Data by Extending the Power of SSIS

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Bad data is a challenge for all organizations. Without data that is reliable, accurate and updated, organizations can’t deliver trusted customer, product and other vital data throughout the enterprise – resulting in waste and operational inefficiencies, less effective sales and marketing, poor customer service and potentially bad business decisions.


That’s why many companies choose to incorporate data quality directly into their data integration architecture.Read More