Catch Bad Data Before it Wrecks Your Business

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Did you know that bad data can wreck your business? That’s
right, not updating, verifying and maintaining data is having a bigger impact
on your business than you realize. Bad data is costly and it provides inaccurate information. This ends
up affecting communication and sales strategies that, in the long run, affect and may potentially wreck your business.

Don’t let bad data wreck your business.… Read More

Taking Action to Avoid Undeliverable Mail

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Are the costs of printing and mailing causing a dent in your
profit? One of the causes of these costs could be something we all know as
return mail. Return mail affects different areas including increased postage,
paper usage, duplicated work, poor cash flow, loss of customers, and more.
There is a way to have control over this culprit: implement a rigorous address
quality program.… Read More

Case Study: AirNet

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For many years, AirNet depended on applications from
external vendors for data enhancement, hygiene, and matching. This proved to be
a challenge when implementing its smartCommunicator product–an award-winning
communication portal that allows individuals, businesses, and agencies to share
information from diverse sources using a single, unified media platform. It is
a portal designed to effectively deliver messages to the company’s targeted
audience.… Read More

How to Create a Golden Record

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Some common goals in database administration include
maintaining clean and effective patient data. A step that is often overlooked
comes as the final step of the process and is importance for the purposes of
survivorship, it is known as the “Golden Record”. A Golden Record is the
creation of a single, accurate, and complete version of a patient record.

Here is how you can determine the most accurate data to use
in establishing the Golden Record:

Once you’ve gone through the matching process, you will most
likely end up with duplicated records bundled into duplicate groups that are
ready for consolidation.… Read More

A 4-Step Plan to Improving Data Warehousing for Healthcare Organizations

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Many healthcare organizations find themselves coming across
the following problems caused by data quality: fraud, bad debt, billing
inefficiencies, and even life threatening issues that involve diagnosis and
prescribing care and real-time analytics.

On top of all that, healthcare organizations are attempting
to handle the increase in the amounts of data while transitioning from paper to
electronic health records.

This leads healthcare organizations to search for a data
warehousing solution that integrates data quality into all of their
applications.… Read More