How to Do It All with Melissa

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Melissa, you can do it all – see for yourself with the brand new Solutions
Catalog. This catalog showcases products to transform your people data (names,
addresses, emails, phone numbers) into accurate, actionable insight. Our
products are in the Cloud or available via easy plugins and APIs. We provide
solutions to power Know Your Customer initiatives, improve mail deliverability
and response, drive sales, clean and match data, and boost ROI.
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Using Data Quality Tools and Techniques to Improve Business Value

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Data Quality is key for effective business growth. The way
that data quality is achieved is through data quality tools and techniques that
will improve business value. Here are five key aspects to data quality

-Data Cleansing

-Address Data Quality

-Address Standardization

-Data Enhancement

-Record Linkage and Matching

First up is data cleansing. Data cleansing combines the
definition of business rules in concert with software designed to execute those
rules.… Read More

Global Address Integration for SSIS

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Is your business growing internationally? It’s inevitable that you will encounter data quality problems complicated by the shipping needs of clients outside the United States. The data quality of address information, here, is key to that success. Remove duplicates, save on postal, shipping and product
costs, and find the ability to perform effective business intelligence. Melissa Data’s Global Verify Component for use in Microsoft SQL Server
Integration Services can help you reach global address data quality. 
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The Ultimate Guide for Data Stewards

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The first key of successful data stewardship is

understanding data quality.  Data quality is most commonly defined as
having five dimensions: completeness, data conforming to the appropriate
standards, internal consistency, accuracy, and a time stamp to verify the
period within which the data is valid.

When information is incoming, you’re bound to have mistakes.
It’s inevitable that bad data will get in your system That’s why it’s important
to put your CRM through data cleansing.… Read More

The 7 C’s of Data Quality

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Data quality is really important. Why? Because it helps you
save money while increasing profits: all due to accurate contact data.To
explain data quality, let’s look at the 7 C’s:

1. Certified Accuracy

2. Confidence

3. Cost-Savings

4.Campaign Intelligence

5. Consolidated

6. Complete

7. Compliant

These are the building blocks of data quality and provide
you with a quick reference to assess your contact data.… Read More