Technology for Marketing 2018

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Technology for Marketing is right around the corner and the office is buzzing with all of our stand preparation. With a new stand, lots of stand goodies and an exclusive offer for all TFM attendees, we’re gearing up for an exciting two days. But a lot of our clients have been asking: ‘What is Technology for Marketing?’

We spoke to Tiffany, our Marketing Coordinator in London, to give us all the details on TFM.… Read More

Know Your Customer Compliance Boosted by Tech Innovations

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breakthroughs that identify,validate and augment customer data help financial
services organizations head off fraud, operate within the rules


of the most pressing issues facing the financial services industry today is the
prevailing emphasis on security and fraud prevention. Big data and analytics
are leveraging the power of the Internet, but also offering big, juicy plums
for hackers, credit card fraudsters, money launderers and terrorists.
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The Ultimate Guide for Data Stewards

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The first key of successful data stewardship is

understanding data quality.  Data quality is most commonly defined as
having five dimensions: completeness, data conforming to the appropriate
standards, internal consistency, accuracy, and a time stamp to verify the
period within which the data is valid.

When information is incoming, you’re bound to have mistakes.
It’s inevitable that bad data will get in your system That’s why it’s important
to put your CRM through data cleansing.… Read More

Why Golden Records are Key to Solid Data Quality

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Your company most likely receives information from various
applications. This has made it so that maintaining clean and consolidated data
is tricky; however it is more important than ever.

There are many costs associated when working with incomplete
or incorrect information.  The solution
to these headaches is data quality. Data quality is the process of identifying
and correcting information.  It refers to
reliability, completeness and accuracy of the information that is flowing
through your systems.… Read More

Your Data’s Rate of Decay

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Did you know that data has a half-life? That is the amount
of time it takes for the information in your database to go bad. How?  Because contact data is always changing.  The U.S Census Bureau states that in the
U.S.  we have a population of 316 million
annually. Some of the changes that occur include 2.3 million marriages, 1.2
million divorces, 4.3 million births, 2.5 million deaths, and 47 million moves.
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