Presort Object Receives USPS® PAVE™ Gold Certification for PAVE Cycle K

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Melissa Data is pleased to announce that Presort Object, a developer’s API for postal presorting, has received USPS® PAVE™ Gold certification for PAVE Cycle K. Gold certification ensures a higher level of compliance with postal regulations because the software has passed an extra round of tests above and beyond the standard PAVE protocol.

Presort Object helps service bureaus and end-users reduce postage costs by up to 35 percent, and it gives integrators the flexibility to configure mailing parameters once, then run the mailing process automatically without a computer operator to streamline operations and save on manual labor.

Presort Object is available as a stand-alone solution to sort mailing lists according to USPS standards for First-Class™ and Standard Mail®. Presort Object can be easily combined with other Melissa Data products for address correction and standardization, move update processing, and duplicate elimination, providing a quickly realized return on investment.

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