9 Industries That Need Address Verification

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When a customer creates an account with a company, one of the first details they share is their street address. The trouble is, sometimes, people make a typographical error while entering their addresses or if they’re trying to cheat the company, they enter the wrong address. Addresses may also become outdated.

In 2020, nearly 36 million Americans changed their street addresses.… Read More

Address Validation – Benefits And Use Cases Explained

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Did you know that there are 288 places named Fairview in the USA? There are 5 more places in Canada and 3 in South Africa that share the same name! So, when someone tells you they live in Fairview, you don’t necessarily know the place they’re talking about until you get the state name or the pin code.

Businesses rely on street addresses not only to approximate delivery timelines but also to understand customer demographics and strategize marketing plans.… Read More

Why Location Intelligence Is Important For Your Business

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When marketing was focused on brick-and-mortar stores, the location of the store was paramount. If it wasn’t a good enough location, customers may not reach it. Today, in the e-commerce era, the focus has shifted to customer locations. Customers aren’t coming to stores – stores are sending their products to the customer and customers expect their orders delivered literally overnight! Delayed or failed deliveries can harm customer relationships as well as have a financial impact on the company.… Read More

Data Quality: The New Power in Digital Banking

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As the pandemic locked down cities, like other businesses, banking and financial institutions too had to find digital ways to connect with customers. In the first half of 2020, the volume of banking transactions and digital payments increased by 10% and 21% respectively. Having a glitchy web and app interface could now put the institution’s reputation and customer loyalty at risk.… Read More

How to Select an Address Autocomplete Tool

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This may sound like gibberish but it’s actually the name of a place in New Zealand. Imagine the customer’s plight at having to type it on your order form! Thankfully most city and street names have fewer characters but the spellings can still be quite confusing. Making a spelling mistake when entering addresses is not just frustrating for customers who may get their orders late but also bad for your database. … Read More