Melissa Marks a Record 30 Billion Address Lookups in 2021

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Data quality provider expands global reach and recognition; helps marketers prioritize customer experience with address accuracy tools

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – February 3, 2022 – Melissa, a leading provider of global data quality and address management solutions, today marked an unprecedented year of interest, growth, and expansion fueled in large part by the increased business focus on customer experience.… Read More

Identity Verification in The Healthcare Industry

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Technology has made inroads in every section of health care. Wearable smart devices track your heart rate, oxygen levels, etc. Gone are bulky files- patient health records are maintained electronically and made available not just to doctors on their computers but on smartphone apps too. Doctors are even using technology to make a remote diagnosis. Then there are robotic surgeries and the use of Artificial Intelligence to personalize patient care.… Read More

6 Use Cases Of Email Verification Services

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Though there are many ways for companies to communicate with customers, email still remains the most popular choice. By 2025, the number of email users around the globe is expected to reach 4.6 billion.

Emails can be used to announce new ranges and seasonal discounts, confirm orders, send bills and more.  Companies can use emails to reach out to people across the world and streamline business processes.… Read More

9 Industries That Need Address Verification

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When a customer creates an account with a company, one of the first details they share is their street address. The trouble is, sometimes, people make a typographical error while entering their addresses or if they’re trying to cheat the company, they enter the wrong address. Addresses may also become outdated.

In 2020, nearly 36 million Americans changed their street addresses.… Read More

Address Validation – Benefits And Use Cases Explained

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Did you know that there are 288 places named Fairview in the USA? There are 5 more places in Canada and 3 in South Africa that share the same name! So, when someone tells you they live in Fairview, you don’t necessarily know the place they’re talking about until you get the state name or the pin code.

Businesses rely on street addresses not only to approximate delivery timelines but also to understand customer demographics and strategize marketing plans.… Read More