Moving Mountains of Data Without Sacrificing Performance

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With the increased merging of disparate core business systems in the enterprise–as well as the emergence of additional systems in the form of enterprise resource management, customer relationship management, hierarchical storage strategies, and other business-driven initiatives–many companies today find themselves moving mountains of data on a daily basis.

Business intelligence (BI) initiatives in particular typically rely on data warehousing strategies to provide critical information and reports to management in support of business decisions.Read More

How to Improve Customer Data Quality

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In any customer-centric business, be it hospitality, banking, retail or insurance, there are numerous touchpoints where the consumer interacts with the business. Many interactions take place between the consumer and the business through various direct and indirect channels: direct marketing campaigns (email, mailers, telemarketing, etc.); points of sale; information kiosks; online shopping portals; and feedback forms for services rendered.

During all these transactions or points of contact, consumer data is collected in varying ways.Read More

ONEPOST Latest Poll Shows 65% of Companies Will Increase Use of DM in 2010

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A recent LinkedIn poll conducted on behalf of ONEPOST, the UK‘s leader in postal management and advice, reveals 65% of companies will increase their use of direct mail this year, particularly as part of an integrated marketing strategy.

With its unique software and expert knowledge of postal services ONEPOST is able to offer significant postal savings as well as add value to mailing campaigns through nominated day deliveries and recommendations for environmentally friendly mailing packs.Read More

Information Quality Applied: Best Practices for Business Information, Processes, and Systems

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From midnight tonight, to midnight tomorrow (US Central Std Time), buy Larry English’s new book, Information Quality Applied: Best Practices for Business Information, Processes and Systems and receive over $1,500 worth of FREE educational items! All you have to do is click on the following link and buy Information Quality Applied at

This is a must-have book if you care about increasing your organization’s effectiveness by eliminating process failure and waste caused by Poor Quality Information.… Read More

Presort Object Receives USPS® PAVE™ Gold Certification for PAVE Cycle K

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Melissa Data is pleased to announce that Presort Object, a developer’s API for postal presorting, has received USPS® PAVE™ Gold certification for PAVE Cycle K. Gold certification ensures a higher level of compliance with postal regulations because the software has passed an extra round of tests above and beyond the standard PAVE protocol.

Presort Object helps service bureaus and end-users reduce postage costs by up to 35 percent, and it gives integrators the flexibility to configure mailing parameters once, then run the mailing process automatically without a computer operator to streamline operations and save on manual labor.Read More