Data Quality Tips from Our Experts

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How to Retrieve Specific Location Data

By Joseph Vertido
DQT Product Specialist


I. Place Information

Addresses verified through the Address Object will give you the correct city information as well as other properties tied to an address based off the USPS database. It will not, however, give you the specific municipality or township information that is associated with an address.… Read More

E-Book: Getting Started with Master Data Management

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In this e-book sponsored by Melissa Data, learn about getting started with MDM programs, how to sell the idea internally in order to secure funding, and how to build a foundation for a successful MDM deployment. In addition, read about MDM trends and some of the challenges that companies can face on MDM implementations.

Download your free e-book copy here: More

Eliminate Duplicates with Matchcode Editor. View our latest demo.

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This video provides an overview of MatchUp, a powerful merge/purge application to eliminate duplicate records from multiple source databases. Available as a standalone software application, 32/64-bit programmable API or an SSIS transform, MatchUp can identify matching records, consolidate different databases, and create master lists.

Request your free trial of MatchUp here:

Watch the video for Matchcode Editor here:

 … Read More

Data Quality Tips from Our Experts

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By Admound Chou

DQT Assistant Manager


Increasing the Speed of Melissa Data Libraries


There are several architectural/language/optimization changes that can speed up processing. They are listed here in order with suggestions most likely to increase speed at the top. Of course, these are not the only measures one can take to increase speed but from our experience, these are the most effective.Read More

4 Critical Principles of Data Governance Success

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How effectively you manage the quality, consistency, usability, security, and availability of your organization’s data will play a large part in how successful your business ultimately is. Data is the lifeblood of any business, and if the data isn’t healthy … well, you know the rest.

Jane Griffin of Deloitte Consulting LLP describes four critical principles to a successful data governance implementation effort.Read More