Did you know that Melissa Data’s address cleansing Web service can be easily integrated with SAP? With just a click of a button, your address is verified, corrected and standardized. In this video, Forrest Horner, a senior IT analyst for Sacramento County, shows a snippet of the Web services’ address cleansing functionality within a SAP environment. Check it out:




The address cleansing function is just one of the many features Melissa Data’s WebSmart Services offers. The company recently introduced several new Web services to the WebSmart line. These functions include the Phone Verifier, ZIP Search, and Street Search.


  • Phone Verifier validates phone numbers down to the entire 10 digits, appends geographic information, identifies landline vs. cell and business vs. residence.
  • The ZIP Search service allows you to search for, or by city names and ZIP™ codes.
  • The Street Search service lets you query all possible streets in the U.S., therefore allowing you to generate suggestions on bad address inputs.


The services are operating system and programming language neutral and support multiple protocols, including SOAP, XML and REST.

Call 1-800-MELISSA (635-4772) for more information or to request a free trial, go to:



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