Melissa Data: Your Friend in Brand Integrity

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Ross: Every week, the TV Guide comes to Chandler and Joey’s 
apartment. What name appears on the address label?
Rachel: Oh! Chandler gets it! It’s Chandler Bing!

Monica: No!


Ross: I’m afraid the TV Guide comes to “Chanandelor Bong.”
Monica: I knew that! Rachel! Use your head!
Chandler: Actually, it’s Miss Chanandelor Bong.
FRIENDS Season 4, Episode 12


Bad Contact Data isn’t new – it has created pop culture. This
episode of Friends is a highly amusing scene, but the joke is more than simply
Rachel’s lack of knowledge. When it comes to contact data, who’s steering the

Name? Absurd. Gender? Wrong.

Maintaining the most complete and up-to-date customer
information is highly important. When marketing material is sent to the same
household multiple times, to different individuals or names are misspelled, it
doesn’t just cost you in postage. It
costs your brand

Brand integrity may be defined as the consistent image that
a brand presents to the public. From social marketing to direct mail, a brand
must maintain a single voice and image in order to be taken seriously and to be
successful. According to The Journal of
Business and Industrial Marketing
, if the gap between the projected image
and the reality of the customer experience widens, customers smell hypocrisy.

Melissa Data can help you anchor your brand in the public
eye with better, more accurate contact data. We have a number of solutions that
are made to fit your data needs. For example, Personator is a
solution to consider when devising ways to preserve your brand’s integrity.
Personator provides name-to-address verification and cross-referencing address,
name, phone, and email to ensure all data corresponds to the same individual.
Personator will also enrich your contacts by adding missing address, email, and
phone information, and much more. See how
it works

Then, there’s mailing and shipping. You want to make your
customers happy to protect your brand. Accurately mailing packages is a good
way to increase customer retention. SmartMover
can help. SmartMover is a real-time, cloud-based service that allows you to
update the addresses of U.S. and Canadian customers that have moved. Get the
current addresses of old customers who may have relocated to get your mail
delivered on time, and qualify for postal discounts.

These are only a few of the ways in which Melissa Data can
help you maintain your brand. Our customers are very important to us, and we
are dedicated to helping you preserve the reputation of your business. Learn
more when you visit our website
and discover the tools you need to cultivate the integrity of your brand.