Melissa Data Launches Multiplatform API RightFielder Object

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RightFielder Object is a multiplatform API that will intelligently parse and organize inconsistent or unformatted data into correctly formatted fields. Using proprietary parsing logic, RightFielder Object can analyze free-form data, recognize where fields begin and end, and assign the contents to the correct output property. RightFielder Object also identifies multiple types of data in the same field (e.g. city and state) and reorganizes the data into new columns each with a single data type.

“RightFielder is a great tool for database administrators and developers that need to access, convert, or migrate unstructured or inconsistent legacy data,” said Bud Walker, product manager at Melissa Data. “RightFielder turns what was essentially garbage into good data that can now be standardized, cleaned, updated and used.”

For more information and a 30 day free trial of RightFielder Object, read the full press release here: