Looking for Someone? Try our New Personator Search

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Personator Search is a new cloud based solution
provided by Melissa that allows users to retrieve multiple verified contact
records based on an input address, name, phone, or email. With this service,
power users can easily parse through multiple individuals at a single address,
multiple individuals with the same name, and more to get precisely the record
they are looking for.

a Nutshell

In essence, our Personator Search will take in a
user’s input information, search against a massive multi-sourced database, and
return all information we have associated with those inputs. The user can then
parse through their results to find the individual, address, phone, or email
they are looking for.


Full Suite of Information

As stated above, Personator Search can return contact
information based on an address, name, phone, or email input. More
specifically, the outputs include:

One full name per record

One current address per record

Move date for the current address

All previous addresses associated with the

Move date for the previous addresses

All phone numbers associated with the

All emails associated with the record

Date of birth

Date of death

What an example XML format response may look like:



User Control


While Personator Search will return up to 500
individual records with an extensive amount of information in each, the user
can impose limits on responses to prevent overwhelming intricate data retrieval
and management processes. Each response is split into pages, which by default
contains 10 records per page. However, the user can use built in options to
change the amount of records per page, the maximum amount of phones or emails
returned, or even return every record simultaneously.

and Sort

In addition to controlling the amount of data and what
kind of data is returned, the user can also control how their information is used to search Melissa’s massive contact
database. The search type option will allow the user to select what piece of
input data is the primary pivot when verifying or appending information. Let’s
say for example, an address, name, phone, and email are all entered as an input.
Search type will allow the user to find all individuals associated with that
address, all individuals of the input name, all individuals with the input
phone, or all individuals with the input email, depending on the search type
they choose. And if left blank, it will cascade through those options in order
until records are found.

Search conditions also allow the user a higher degree
of power with Personator Search. When set to strict, the service will only
return records that match the inputs exactly. When set to
loose, the service will return all records that fully and partially match the
input information. Lastly, the progressive option will at first run a strict
search, but progressively drop inputs if nothing is found initially. In
addition to this, an age filter can be applied to return individuals of a
certain age range.

Lastly, the sorting option tells the service to return
records in a certain order. The response can be sorted by postal code, city,
address, name, date of birth, date of death, move date, and Melissa Address
Key, in either ascending or descending order.

Personator Search

Personator Search is currently available as a cloud
solution, hosted by Melissa. Users can access the service through REST request,
and responses are returned in either XML or JSON format. More information about
Personator Search can be found at the link below.