Lift Your Response with these 5 Hot Spots

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By Alan Sharpe 
What do your prospect’s read first when they receive your direct mail package? According to direct mail consultant Allyn Kramer, there are five “hot spots” where prospects look first.
1. Outside envelope
2. Brochure headline
3. Inside address (who the letter is going to)
4. Signature line (who the letter is from)
5. Post script (the PS) of the letter 
According to Kramer, if your prospect will read anything in your package, it will be one or more of these hot spots. These are the places where you must grab your reader’s attention, stimulate some interest and draw your reader into the rest of your package. 
I recommend that you write your envelope copy, brochure headline, letter headline and PS in such as way that your skimming readers will understand your offer and what you are selling by reading these hot spots alone. 
So when you are crafting your package theme and writing your copy, agonize over these hot spots. They are the first places your readers look. But they needn’t be the last places they look, as long as you do your job properly. 
—- Alan Sharpe is president of Sharpe Copy, Inc. (, a B2B direct mail copywriting agency.