Is Direct Mail the Best Marketing Medium?

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Is direct mail the most effective marketing channel ever? A group of chief marketing officers think so. Here’s more of what your fellow CMOs think of the industry.  
According to an article in DM News, a recent survey from direct marketing firm Targetbase noted that 23 percent of marketers feel that direct mail has the most effect of any marketing medium on their growth. Targetbase surveyed CMOs from 40 companies. 
Here are some of the report’s findings:
• CMOs select marketing channels based on past results 80 percent of the time and best projected ROI 65 percent. 
• 50 percent of responding CMOs noted that pressures to meet short-term goals forced them to modify their long-term growth goals.
• 40 percent cited marketing budget constraints as a hindrance. 
• 40 percent of respondents thought that elusive ROI measurements were their biggest challenge in achieving growth objectives. 
* Source: DM News