Information Quality Applied: Best Practices for Business Information, Processes, and Systems

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From midnight tonight, to midnight tomorrow (US Central Std Time), buy Larry English’s new book, Information Quality Applied: Best Practices for Business Information, Processes and Systems and receive over $1,500 worth of FREE educational items! All you have to do is click on the following link and buy Information Quality Applied at

This is a must-have book if you care about increasing your organization’s effectiveness by eliminating process failure and waste caused by Poor Quality Information. You learn a Step-by-Step Guide to Accurately Assess Information Quality, Measure Costs of Poor Quality Information and Improve Information Processes to prevent the High Costs of Poor Quality Information and Process Failure that can ultimately lead to Enterprise Mission Failure.

If you understand and apply the easy-to-follow steps in the book, you will be able to improve both Information and Business effectiveness-all with positive and tangible results thousands of times the cost of the book-or your money back!!! See Larry’s money-back warranty on page xxix of the book.

After buying the book, click on the link “Register for Membership” please use the last four digits of your Amazon order number as your password. If you already have purchased a copy from another source simply put the source in the password field. (Be sure to remember your password.) Once you have confirmed registration, click here to register for access to the “FREE Educational Items” on

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