How to Perform ETL – Fast and Easy

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Imagine a more simplified approach to data integration – one that doesn’t
require the use of different connectors, etc. It’s all possible with expressor
Software’s latest product release – version 3.5 of its desktop ETL platform –
which will feature Melissa Data and integration.

The platform will leverage the power of Melissa Data’s WebSmart services for
postal address verification, phone verification, email validation and name
parsing – from within the expressor data flow application. The
integration will allow users to read and write CRM data to from
their on-premises business systems.

What is expressor 3.5?

It’s an easy-to download and install, metadata-driven ETL tool that offers a
simplified approach to data integration, ranging from small ETL tasks to complex
data integration projects. The tool provides a user interface with a Microsoft
Office look and feel, and a drag and drop configuration that lets you process
your data with speed and power.

But its biggest lure lies in its connectivity. Unlike other ETL products,
expressor’s tool does not require the use of different connectors. Instead, the
expressor platform contains as few connections as possible – but each is
configurable and includes all the parameters needed to get your data in and out
of almost any data source.

Learn more about expressor 3.5 and Melissa Data’s integration in a special
co-hosted webinar, Dec. 15 at 2 pm EST. To register for the event,
click here.