How to Create a Golden Record

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Some common goals in database administration include
maintaining clean and effective patient data. A step that is often overlooked
comes as the final step of the process and is importance for the purposes of
survivorship, it is known as the “Golden Record”. A Golden Record is the
creation of a single, accurate, and complete version of a patient record.

Here is how you can determine the most accurate data to use
in establishing the Golden Record:

Once you’ve gone through the matching process, you will most
likely end up with duplicated records bundled into duplicate groups that are
ready for consolidation. What comes this is where the unique or “winning”
Golden Record becomes the next logical step. The process of selecting the best
possible record as the surviving candidate can be tricky. However, techniques
can be applied to perform the selection of the record that will be selected for

How do you know which record you should keep? There are
three commonly used techniques to selecting the surviving record:

1.       1. The most recent methodology is based on
date-stamped records. Order them from most recent to least recent and then
consider the most recent eligible as the survivor.

2.      2.  The most frequent approach matches records that
contain the same information as an indication of their accuracy. When more than
one record obtains the information it is an indication of their correctedness.

3.       3. The most complete method considers field
completeness as its primary factor of correctness. The records that obtain the
most filled out fields are considered to be the best record for survivorship.

Golden Records should be the goal of for all databases.
Obtaining data quality is key to having the best connection and insight into
your database.

 By Natalia Crawford