How Shipping Predictions Increase Ecommerce Sales

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How often do your customers abandon their shopping carts? Probably
than you’d like. As an online merchant, you have entered a playing field where
the star athletes include monoliths like Amazon, who offer fast & free
shipping to their customers. Do you feel like you can’t compete?

Something Amazon knows, that
you might not
, is that having the ability to disclose shipping costs at the
beginning of the shopping experience significantly decreases cart abandonment
while increasing purchases.

When do your customers see shipping details during their
checkout? Implement shipping algorithms that determine the cost of shipping and
delivery date for your customers in real-time.

This feature can be revolutionary to ecommerce. Not only is
there an instant prediction of delivery dates and times but it also provides
the actual shipping cost to both the buyer and the seller.

Calculations can be
live-streamed onto both product and checkout pages driving customers to make purchase
decisions. On the backend, customer locations and addresses are verified
assuring error-free delivery and costs in real-time.

Make your shipping fees more accurate and provide customers
options for delivery. While the most common carriers are USPS, FedEx, UPS and
DHL, faster alternatives can be also be provided through built-in integration
with Uber or Postmates.

Then customers see a variety of options like on-demand
or two hour same-day deliver. As the merchant, you set the preferred shippers
for each option and have the ability to offer new high-service/high-cost
options while offsetting the expense of free shipping.

Provide the ideal customer shopping experience. To learn
more about how, visit our website and discover Decimal Shipping.

By Natalia Crawford