Global Phone Verification for Over 200 Countries and Territories

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By Allison Moon
Data Quality Analyst

In the past year, we have ventured into international waters with our Global Address Verification Web service, but our international services haven’t stopped there. Our new Global Phone Object will now verify if an international phone number is accurate, and determine whether the number is valid for over 200 countries and territories.

This new interface in the current Phone Object takes in a phone number and country to determine whether the number is valid for the region. It can also take in a phone number alone and determine what country the number is from – by simply looking at the international access code (these are the digits used to dial into a country).

For example, with +49 3079788829, the Global Phone Object will be able to determine that this number is from Germany, just by looking at the international access code, +49.

In addition, Global Phone Object will also return international geographical information. Just like the current Phone Object, the Global Phone Object will return the latitude and longitude coordinates of the detected region.

It can also return the predominant language spoken in the phone number’s region. This field is helpful in preventing phone calls from being lost in translation. By determining the pre-dominant language of the region, phone calls in a call center environment can be distributed to employees who are fluent in the detected language.

The Global Phone Object is a powerful tool that can be used in a multitude of ways to bridge international communication.

— Allison Moon is a data quality analyst and software engineer for Melissa Data.

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