Global Address Integration for SSIS

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Is your business growing internationally? It’s inevitable that you will encounter data quality problems complicated by the shipping needs of clients outside the United States. The data quality of address information, here, is key to that success. Remove duplicates, save on postal, shipping and product
costs, and find the ability to perform effective business intelligence. Melissa Data’s Global Verify Component for use in Microsoft SQL Server
Integration Services can help you reach global address data quality. 

Address data differs worldwide, which means that you can’t
force international addresses into U.S. address formats. One way to approach
this would be to customize the way your input forms are laid out while making
the input easy for the user. This can increase the effectiveness of
the data you collect.

When you install Global Verify Component into your SSIS
server, you will be able to apply data quality to international addresses. From
there, you will map the input in the component based on the fields you

When it comes to output, there are
three types of outputs designs. After selecting one, you input the column name.
You also have the option to customize the output. One of the most important
options provided is the Output Script. That is where you can specify what
language/character set you want the output to be. Then you have the
Pass-through columns. These simply allow you to pass through from your input
source any data you want to keep unchanged.

Melissa Data alerts you with
results codes; which alert you to the status and errors of each record. There are also output filters. These allow output flow into different
streams based on a number of customizable conditions. With these outputs, you
can direct different types of verification to different destinations and handle
them accordingly.

Melissa Data’s Global Verify Component makes cleaning and
validating your international addresses in SSIS simple and effective. Read our whitepaper: Global Address Data Integration in SSIS or download a free trial of Global Verify Component.

By Natalia Crawford