Enter the Contact Zone: Where Data Integration and Data Quality Are Simplified

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By Joseph Vertido

For many, the concepts of data integration and data quality are separate and have no commonality. But in reality, when you combine them – they create a partnership that excels. Where data quality leaves off, data integration begins, and vice versa. A new product – Contact Zone – fuses these two concepts together into one revolutionary solution for where data integration and data quality converge.

Data integration tools simplify data migration and data warehousing procedures – both of which are concerned with the issue of data management, i.e. keeping data organized. Data quality, on the other hand, is concerned primarily with an understanding of the nature, and validity of the contents of the actual data, i.e. keeping data clean. Maintaining an organized database is not the same as keeping it clean – they are two different approaches to handling data – but they can be combined, or should they?

The short answer is yes.

In essence, data integration allows for the migration of data from a given source to a given destination. Typically, users take advantage of data integration to accomplish data warehousing initiatives – allowing for easy migration and manipulation of data, which ultimately leads to maximizing the efficiency of business intelligence and analytics.

However, Gartner states that “only 30 percent of business intelligence and data warehousing implementations fully succeed.” Why? The top two reasons for failure are budget constraints and data quality. So, although the architectural constraints of building a data warehouse can be addressed by utilizing data integration tools, it still leaves the problem of poor data quality – something that most data integration tools handle with mediocrity at best.

That’s where Contact Zone comes into play. It’s a data integration tool optimized for data quality, allowing you to shoot two birds with one stone.

Contact Zone connects to virtually any source, overcoming an obstacle our clients frequently encounter when implementing data quality, namely there is such a variety of database format and platforms today that the types of environments and combinations can be overwhelming.

Whether you have an IBM DB2 database or PostgreSQL, leveraging Contact Zone allows for data integration for almost any form of database format, while making sure that all data is clean, correct, standardized, and valid.