Demographic Targeting With a Bankruptcy List

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By Dave Morgan, Expert Author, Articlesbase
The bankruptcy list provides a great opportunity for many companies to acquire a highly targeted list of individuals and businesses who can provide marketing opportunities for a great variety of organizations providing services for debt management, debt counseling, and even high risk lenders who charge an increased rate of interest to individuals with an inferior credit rating.
Anybody that has filed for bankruptcy will likely have a very poor credit rating, meaning these individuals will likely find a great deal of difficulty opening bank accounts–let alone taking credit from banks or lenders. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what a bankruptcy list is, and why and how these lists are compiled in the first place.
Whenever any individual or company files for bankruptcy, information related to their bankruptcy case will become a public matter–which means this information will now be available to any member of the public. The reason for this is to allow any potential creditors in the case an opportunity to find out that this person or company has filed for bankruptcy, which is of course, very important if they do not know of this already.
Once information concerning your bankruptcy case is made available to the public domain, it is then likely to be compiled in a list of other recently filed bankruptcies. These lists will contain personal details about you such as your name, address, age, details concerning your case, and other information. They are compiled by companies who are looking to then sell the information on for marketing purposes. It is very common for mailing list companies to compile or buy these lists to then promote to their current customer base.
For companies who are targeting certain demographics, the bankruptcy list can provide a very worthwhile acquisition to their marketing campaign. The lists are already highly targeted to people with financial and debt problems, so they will contain a highly targeted list of potential customers if the company offers debt or financial related services. Because of the information contained in these lists, it is also possible to break it down further–such as age or geographic location, for example.
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