Data Quality 101: The Ultimate Guide for Data Stewards

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“Ninety percent of everything is crud.” This popular phrase is known as Sturgeon’s Law (with tongue firmly in cheek). Could the same be true about the quality of your corporate data assets?

It’s no surprise that organizations still struggle with some level of bad data. Many haven’t yet initiated a data quality or data stewardship plan. Some may not even know where to start; who’s responsible for it; or how to sustain a data quality program over the long haul. Some may not even realize they have burning issues with their data – until it’s almost too late to fix the problem.

The Data Steward Companion, written by leading industry analyst Elliot King, answers these questions and offers insight into the complex role of a data steward – how to create a data maturity model to effectively define, manage and optimize their data management and data quality activities; who should be in charge of setting data quality goals; how to develop key performance indicators to measure data quality; why justifying a data quality plan is important; and much more.