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20% of Your Data Could Be Bad: Here’s How to Fix It w/ Bud Walker
When you think about how much bad data can really cost you, it’s important to make sure that your info is deliverable, callable, and emailable. If you’ve got a lot of data–and who doesn’t, these days?–it becomes vital to spend the resources to ensure that the data you’re using is accurate.
The Corporate Data Show is a podcast dedicated to helping business executives manage their marketing data needs. 
Whether you’re dealing with B2B data, marketing specific data, or retail databases, this podcast is designed to help you think about managing your corporate data needs at the highest level. Each episode features an interview with a thought leader in the data business, discussing topics like: sales intelligence, data as a service, business intelligence, B2B Data, identity resolution, data services, data trends, revenue opportunities, data engineering, client success, data accuracy, transparency, analytics, IT, and more.
Bud Walker, Vice President of Enterprise Sales & Strategy

Bud Walker is responsible for managing strategy, expansion, and vision for the company’s offerings. In the role of Sales Engineer Walker has extensive experience in the field of Data Quality, and has worked with hundreds of clients to help integrate a data quality regimen into day to day operations.

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