Cross-Table Integrity

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By David Loshin

One of the most challenging data flaws that appear in relational database systems is the absence of referential integrity across different tables. For example, consider a transaction processing system in which one table captures the quantity and total costs for purchased items, and each record refers to a product reference code that can be looked up in a product master table.
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The Biggest Sin is the Sin of Omission

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By Elliot King

  People of a certain age may remember the advertising campaign by an American
manufacturer that asserted that “the quality goes in before the name goes on.”
  While the manufacturer ultimately went the way of all the companies who actually built
  televisions in the United States, the advertising message was compelling. A product’s ingredients count.

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Quality Data is Green Data

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30 years now–yes, it has been that long–we have all heard about how the shift
to personal computing would lead us to the nirvana of the paperless office.
Since the creation of the Internet, we have heard about how networks would cut
down on direct mail marketing and how cutting down on the use of paper would
inevitably be good for the environment, with less trees destroyed for paper and
less waste clogging landfills.
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Delivering Complete Data Quality: An Intro to Pentaho’s New Plug-in for Data Integration

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new webinar introducing our contact verification plug-in for Pentaho Data
Integration (PDI) is now available. John Miller, Pentaho’s senior software developer,
and Bud Walker, Melissa Data’s product manager, announce the new plug-in to the
Pentaho community, what it does, and why data quality is vital to ETL.
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