How to Personalize Marketing with Social Media

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Social media is a key when it comes to building customer
relationships, growing your customer base, increasing brand awareness, and lead
generation. Social media provides you with your individual contacts likes,
dislikes, affiliates, and more making your marketing agile. There are social
media tools, such as Melissa Data’s Social Media Service, that give you the
ability to easily enrich your customer contact data with social media intelligence.… Read More

Achieving High Results at Low Costs with Direct Mail

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With digital marketing on the rise, certain marketing
tactics, such as direct mail, have become overlooked. In a digital
world, social media, email, and the web have taken over as key strategies in
marketing plans. However, direct mail offers benefits that other marketing strategies
don’t. These include potential sales as well as new customers.
In fact, 65% of consumers made a purchase as a result of direct
.… Read More

Taking Action to Avoid Undeliverable Mail

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Are the costs of printing and mailing causing a dent in your
profit? One of the causes of these costs could be something we all know as
return mail. Return mail affects different areas including increased postage,
paper usage, duplicated work, poor cash flow, loss of customers, and more.
There is a way to have control over this culprit: implement a rigorous address
quality program.… Read More