Global Phone Verification for Over 200 Countries and Territories

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By Allison Moon
Data Quality Analyst

In the past year, we have ventured into international waters with our Global Address Verification Web service, but our international services haven’t stopped there. Our new Global Phone Object will now verify if an international phone number is accurate, and determine whether the number is valid for over 200 countries and territories.
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Storing International Postal Data

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By Charles Gaddy

I’m sitting in my favorite coffee shop, scanning the patrons in the room. One
thing came to mind – this restaurant reflects a good cross-section of America. I
took an impromptu poll among some of the people I met over the course of a month to ask two


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In a Global Economy, a Global Solution is Vital

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By Patrick Bayne
Data Quality Tools Software Engineer

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3584 CS Utrecht

If you were given this address, how would you know it was valid? Is it formatted
correctly? How long will it take you to verify? For years businesses have
understood a need for address validating solutions, because clean, accurate data
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