Melissa Comments on Its Flagship Data Quality Tool Used in the Arizona Ballot Review

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Melissa’s Personator is proven and widely adopted in smart data quality strategies for federal, state, and county agencies

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – September 30, 2021 – Melissa, a leading provider of global data quality and address management solutions, today commented on its Personator data quality tool being utilized in the Maricopa County ballot review effort.

For more than 35 years, we have supported the mission of cleaner, more accurate data, working with election boards and motor vehicle departments nationwide to help them clean, verify, and update voter rolls.

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Decentralising Cryptocurrency with KYC Initiatives

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Cryptocurrency has proven to be a popular choice amongst adventurous investors, with its anonymous nature, confidentiality, and lack of regulation, we can see the reason for its global trend.

With each digital currency having its speculative nature the only way for them to become truly become mainstream is the adaption of ID and KYC processes.

Why do we say this? well in 2020, $2.8 billion was recorded in laundered money through cryptocurrency exchanges, as we are aware of the ever-increasing threat of cyber-crime and fraudulent acts already.… Read More

Today’s Fraudulent Threats In The Ecommerce Sector

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With predictions of the eCommerce market growing to 3.5 trillion pounds by 2021 and by 2022 almost 30% of all global consumer sales will be online, it’s no wonder why eCommerce is the trending space to be in right now.

One of the primary reasons for the sector’s rapid growth is the adaptability to everyday technology making our lives more digitalised.… Read More

Are You Ready for 6AMLD?

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6AMLD, being asked by EU member states that financial institutions must make implementations to comply with its new measures by June 2021, this in tail will add even more rigid laws and procedures in place of what we already see as a stringent measure.

This is mostly due to increased digitalisation increasing year to year, which is amounting to more digital threats from cybercriminals finding loopholes in the regulatory system. … Read More

KYC & AML – The 3 Main Considerations for 2021

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The continuing rise in digitalisation has led to businesses embracing digital operations. Online businesses saw an even bigger uplift during the pandemic as they enabled consumers to shop for their favourite brands, relatives to transfer money overseas and provided channels for consumers to communicate.

The growth in online activity has meant an increase in fraud. This will shape how we undertake ‘know your customer’ (KYC) activity and how much emphasis organisations will take to make sure the person on the other side the screen is really who they say there are.… Read More