Melissa Data Expands Global and Domestic Reach

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Melissa Data is growing, and fast! To better serve our customers worldwide, Melissa Data’s established new offices in Berlin, Germany, and Bangalore, India. The company also opened a new satellite office in Raleigh, N.C.

These new locations have been established and staffed to meet the needs of the domestic and international markets with the availability of Melissa Data’s Global Data Quality Suite – a new set of tools that delivers accurate and consistent address/phone verification and geocoding for countries all over the world.… Read More

How to Get More Email Delivered into Inboxes

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By Abby Garcia Telleria

In this recently released article from Internet Retailer, Paul Demery, IR’s chief tech editor, talks about why eliminating invalid email addresses from your database is critical to the success of your campaign. It’s a great story, and offers tips on how you can improve email deliverability to ensure it gets into the right inboxes.
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