Five Reasons to Start Investing in Data Quality Consulting Today

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Data has become the keyword to reckon with in each and every organization out there. It would be safe to say that data management has become the top most priority for organizations, given the complexity and importance it poses within the business’s structure.… Read More

The Relationship between Data Governance and GDPR

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According to the GDPR, personal data refers to any information related to a person including name, photo, email, address, bank details, social media updates, medical information and even IP addresses. It can come in various forms and contains several data elements.… Read More

Melissa is an accredited supplier of Her Majesty’s CSS G-Cloud 10 Framework

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The government state that cloud and service platforms provide better value for money, recommending that public sector firms look at cloud solutions as an alternative and  since early July, more than 3000 suppliers have been able to offer their cloud technology and support to organisations across the public sector via the G-Cloud 10 framework.… Read More

Melissa Launches Melissa Developer, Full-Service Portal for Rapid Application Development

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Comprehensive Tools and Resources Fuel Growth and Scalability, Enable Easy Application Integration of Data Cleansing and Enrichments

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – April 25, 2018 – Melissa, a leading provider of global contact data quality and identity verification solutions, today announced Melissa Developer , a comprehensive portal with ready-to-use APIs (application program interfaces) that support the development community with easy integration of data quality operations and a full spectrum of data enrichments.… Read More

Say Goodbye to Bad Data Before it Enters Your System with Global Express Entry

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By Edward Dombrowski Data Quality Analyst


Maybe you’re already
familiar with the way Express Entry and Express Entry Desktop Edition can
autocomplete addresses – just select the country and type in the beginning of
an address, and the service can fill in the missing information, using address
data from over 240 countries.
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