ID Verification: a growing trend

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Within financial services and insurance, identity verification plays a key role in compliance and regulation. These service providers are regulated institutions who use identity verification platforms to verify customers and their documentation as part of their KYC and AML policies. Verifying your identity with these providers is crucial not only because it helps to build mutual trust between yourself and the service provider, but it is a way to protect yourself and your assets.… Read More

How to Know Customers Are Who They Say They Are

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In 2015 alone, 62% of companies were targets
of payment fraud. As customers increasingly conduct their financial affairs
online and via mobile devices, risk management and fraud prevention become more
and more difficult. So, how do you know customers are who they say they are?
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Managing Unique Customer Identities with Master Entity Indexes

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By David Loshin

In the past few entries in this series we have basically been looking at an approach to understanding customer behavior at particular contextual interactions that are informed by information pulled from customer profiles.

But if the focal point is the knowledge from the profile that influences behavior, you must be able to recognize the individual, rapidly access that individual’s profile, and then feed the data from the profile into the right analytical models that can help increase value.… Read More