Measuring Yourself

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By Elliot King

Sometimes you just know you’re doing things badly. You send out a direct mail piece and you get all sorts of bounce backs. And sometimes you know you’re doing something well. The next direct mail piece gets a really high rate of return.

But an ad hoc, event-by-event assessment of performance generally is not good enough. Organizations need to measure themselves over time to determine how close they are to achieving a specific goal.… Read More

Diagnosis Precedes Cure

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By Elliot King

Face it. Almost all data has problems. Most organizations have multiple data sources and too often depend on potentially unreliable data flows from customers, data entry clerks, third-party providers and different processing systems for it to be otherwise.

So what can you do to identify data quality problems before bad data interferes with critical business processes? Actually, that is something of a trick question.… Read More