Get Used to It: Inconsistent Data is the New Normal

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By Elliot King

Nobody is perfect and neither is corporate data. Indeed, data errors are intrinsic to IT’s DNA. Data inevitably decays. Errors can be caused when data from outside sources are merged into a system. And then, of course, the humans that interact with the system are, well, human.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of data quality professionals, the three major IT trends–analytics, big data, and unstructured data–while promising great payoffs generally, promise to exacerbate data quality issues.… Read More

A Revolutionary Approach to Full Contact Data Quality

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To stay competitive, cut costs, and drive growth, companies are always looking for ways to attain the most relevant, most complete and up-to-date customer information available.

Now there’s technology that moves beyond the mere validation of contact data to bring your data to a higher level of accuracy – a term we call, “data quality uplift.” Melissa Data’s new Personator features this game-changing functionality.… Read More

Ask First, Fix Later

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By Elliot King

Like the Boston Red Sox breaking their fans’ hearts, almost inevitably (stress on the almost) you will discover that some percentage of your data is wrong. The realization that you have data quality problems may come about for few reasons: 1) you’ve looked under the hood of your data systems by conducting a data assessment or 2) a data audit revealed that the data you have is not what you think you have.
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Where Do You Fit In?

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By Elliot King

Too often, those of us with our noses to the grindstone have no time to look up. We are so busy putting out fires, monitoring and maintaining what we have, or trying to launch new initiatives that we never look around to see how other organizations are dealing with similar issues.

This may be particularly true in the data quality world.… Read More

How to Get More Email Delivered into Inboxes

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By Abby Garcia Telleria

In this recently released article from Internet Retailer, Paul Demery, IR’s chief tech editor, talks about why eliminating invalid email addresses from your database is critical to the success of your campaign. It’s a great story, and offers tips on how you can improve email deliverability to ensure it gets into the right inboxes.

Also, in case you’re interested – Melissa Data offers an email verification solution that can fix common typographical errors to turn invalid email addresses into deliverable ones.… Read More