Building Your Business with Data Quality

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Your contact data is valuable, but do you know if it’s up to
its full potential? The quality of your data decreases without the proper
maintenance. As a matter of fact, 50% of databases deteriorate after only two
years. The bottom line is that your data’s quality affects your business
decisions and communications.

Here are 5 things you can do to ensure the quality of your

1. Profile

First, profile and analyze the health of your
contact data. This helps minimize costs by pinpointing problems before you
launch your next campaign.

2. Verify & Cleanse

Verify, correct, standardize, and update your
data to ensure only valid information enters your database. This will increase
response rates and improve your campaigns.

3. Dedupe

Identify, eliminate and consolidate duplicate
records into one single, comprehensive record to get a more accurate view of
your customer.

4. Enrich

Add missing elements to your contact data to
complete your records from demographics to location intelligence and missing contact info (email, phone, social media, etc.) This will give you deeper insight into your data and
improve your analytics.

5. Monitor

Continually monitor your data to ensure you
have the most accurate data at your fingertips.

Melissa Data offers a full spectrum of solutions
to meet all of your data quality needs, including profiling, cleansing,
updating, matching ,deduping and enriching your global contact data. If you
would like to add quality to your data, click here to learn more about our solutions!


By Natalia Crawford