Projects addressing data quality or master data management (MDM) frequently struggle to get approved by senior management. In fact, the two top barriers to data quality projects are “it’s very difficult to present a business case” and “management does not see this as an imperative.”

Only around 60% OF MDM projects proceed with a proper business case. This is an unsatisfactory state of affairs. If a major project proceeds without a clear idea of where benefits are to come from, then it is at a high risk of cancellation (or outright failure through lack of correct focus) when times become tough and a hard look is taken at all discretionary projects.

In this white paper, Andy Hayler explains the key elements of a financial case, preferring financial measures that take into account the time value of money over looser measures which are in common use–especially in the IT press–but are frowned upon by many corporate finance departments.

Armed with the material in this white paper, you will be in a good position to deliver a high quality business case for your data quality or MDM project.

Read the white paper in its entirety here:


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