Data Quality Tips from Our Experts

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By Tim Sidor

DQT Product Specialist


Speeding Up MatchUp Object Incremental Processing

The Incremental Deduping Interface allows multi-users to simultaneously verify existing records and add new ones. This may come at the expense of speed, however, because each record processed must be immediately added (inserted) to the key file, so each running process can see the newly updated key file – ensuring accurate data storage.Read More

Case Study: SMARTech Integrates Enterprise Data Quality Platform to Consolidate Data Sets

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SMARTech’s main challenge was integrating disparate data sources into a data-centric hub for the purpose of consumer and constituent engagement. It was essential to utilize a master data management solution that would successfully allow SMARTech to gain a single, accurate, organized view of their customers by consolidating data across different data sources.

The company also needed a strong technical support team that would aid in the implementation of a master data management solution, and provide quick replies to any issue that would arise during the transition process.Read More

Melissa Data Closes 2009 with Record Sales for DQ Product Line

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Multiple sales in December for the Total Data Quality Integration Toolkit (TDQ-IT) helped close out the year, exceeding expected forecast.

Melissa Data has a host of data quality and enrichment solutions to help any size company – from small to mid-size companies to Fortune 500. The product offering includes multiplatform APIs, Web services, and enterprise platforms like TDQ-IT which delivers the full spectrum of data quality processes, as defined by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.Read More

Moving Mountains of Data Without Sacrificing Performance

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With the increased merging of disparate core business systems in the enterprise–as well as the emergence of additional systems in the form of enterprise resource management, customer relationship management, hierarchical storage strategies, and other business-driven initiatives–many companies today find themselves moving mountains of data on a daily basis.

Business intelligence (BI) initiatives in particular typically rely on data warehousing strategies to provide critical information and reports to management in support of business decisions.Read More

How to Improve Customer Data Quality

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In any customer-centric business, be it hospitality, banking, retail or insurance, there are numerous touchpoints where the consumer interacts with the business. Many interactions take place between the consumer and the business through various direct and indirect channels: direct marketing campaigns (email, mailers, telemarketing, etc.); points of sale; information kiosks; online shopping portals; and feedback forms for services rendered.

During all these transactions or points of contact, consumer data is collected in varying ways.Read More