Raise Funds Online With These Nine E-mail List-Building Tips

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By Alan Sharpe, Certified Fund Raising Executive
The secret to raising funds online is not Facebook, Twitter, texting, or
even your website. It’s email. To raise money on the Internet you
need the email addresses of folks who believe in your cause and want to see
you in their inbox. Here are nine principles to follow in acquiring those
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Fundraising in Tough Economic Times

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By Alan Rosenspan, Alan Rosenspan & Associates
Many nonprofits are cutting back their marketing these days because of the ever-rising price of gasoline, food and other basics. They figure that people just don’t have as much disposable income as before, which may be true.
However, I think they are making a mistake. Back in the 1980’s – Sam Walton was asked what Wal-Mart would do in the recession.
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Direct Mail Gains New Potency as Online Marketing Evolves

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Andy Cutler, chief strategy officer, Mercury121
In the early days of Web marketing, the promise of the new channel’s potential was over-the-top. In fact, many optimists argued that, in the future, the Web and e-mail were going to make direct mail obsolete. 
A funny thing happened on the way to the Web. Not surprisingly, the reality did not live up to the hype.
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Postcard Marketing: Top 5 Goals of Direct Mail Postcards

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By Jeffrey Dobkin, marketing consultant, author, and professional speaker
Here’s why I like postcard marketing campaigns: Short, crisp, and to the point, direct mail postcards are one of the fastest and lowest cost ways to make your phone ring.
Postcards are not necessarily a good marketing campaign for the straight-up, out-and-out closing of a sale, but if created correctly, direct mail postcards can be great for pre-selling products and services, building brand awareness, and creating customer loyalty.
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What About Mail?

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By Susan Plonkey, VP of Sales, USPS®
As marketing budgets improve, now is the time to add mail to the mix.
The nation’s economy continues to gain strength, and we’re seeing marketing budgets start to rebound. That’s good news for us all.
As you plan where to allocate these increased dollars, don’t overlook direct mail. There’s no other marketing channel that’s as highly targeted, incredibly impactful, and offers such a strong ROI.
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